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Sleep close to baby in complete safety! Bedside Crib | Baby Cot Dual-Use Toddler Baby Bed Within Bed Safety Protection


The bed size is 120cm * 42cm * 50cm , with a guardrail height of 70cm.


Suitable for more than 95% of bed types, such as common: flat beds, box beds, leather beds, upholstered beds can all be installed.



The mattress can be installed with a thickness of no more than 35cm and no less than 5cm.



Material: thickened aluminium tube, bed guardrail to support the role of the part is the use of iron pipe, top quality plastic, polyester fabric, the fabric is waterproof.


There are two ways to lift the cot up: one is to press the switch to lift it up and hold it in place, the other is to use the side straps when taking it up completely to make it more secure.


A bed with two uses ---- this cot baby can be used until 0-3 years old, baby grows up can be changed into a Bed fence, depending on the size of the bed, in addition only need to buy two sides of the fence, we will give you an extension pole and cloth cover, the side of the cot can become 1.8 m or 2 m bed fence, can be used until the baby 6 years old! 


Why is it good to sleep with your baby?


In the dark, baby senses mainly through touch, physical contact and smell. This is why babies need more cuddling in their mother's arms at night, when they cannot see, than during the day.


Mothers also need the baby to be close to them at night. This is normal, natural and practically the right way to meet the baby's needs. Sleeping with the baby provides more time for physical connection. The extra touch and sensory stimulation helps the baby develop well physically and emotionally.

Bedside Crib | Baby Cot Dual-Use Toddler Baby Bed Within Bed Safety Protection

$250.00 Regular Price
$162.50Sale Price
    • Multifunctional Design : .Our multifunctional baby crib has several modes to use: baby bedside sleeper, travel crib, baby cradleand playpen,baby cradle for 0-3 years old, 
    • Bedside Bassinets:Co-sleeping position is available by adjusting lowering bars.Place the bassinet bed right up against to your bed and lock the wheels, then you can easily take care of or feed your baby. Safety Strap could keep your baby really close and your can take good care of them.
    • Stable and Safe: Sturdy frame is made of iron tubes, which supports 30lbs max for the play yard and 15lbs max for the upper sleep level. Equipped with brakes, two moving wheels provide smooth movement while also improving overall stability and safety. Four round corners avoids bumping and scratching. Mesh cloth also provides better visibility to observe baby.
    • Easy to install - With clear instructions, no tools are needed during installation
    • Safe payments - Payment methods used by many international shoppers
    • Security & privacy - We respect your privacy so your personal details are safe
    • Buyer protection -  We provides you with a secure gateway and enhanced e-commerce security for all your transaction.
    • Delivery Time- We will recieve the product within 15-30 days of  placing the order. 
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